Amorphous Alloy Core Transformer Annealing Oven

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Core Components
Applicable Industries
Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Cons
Furnace Temperature Uniformity
5 Degree
Temperature Control Accuracy
1 Degree
Heating Time
2.5 Hour
Temperature Control Mode
Touch Screen
Transformer Core, Motor, Wire
Electricity or Natural Gas
Transport Package
Main Mechanical Plastic Packaging and Steel Wire F
custom made
HS Code
Production Capacity
10 Set/Sets Per Month

Product Description

Well vacuum annealing furnace
Amorphous Alloy Core Transformer Annealing Oven
Amorphous Alloy Core Transformer Annealing Oven

1. Well vacuum furnace is mainly used for vacuum tempering of high-speed steel, special tool steel, cold working die steel and hot working die steel before raw material processing. It has good oxidation resistance. After reasonable heat treatment process, the ideal material structure can be obtained.

2. The furnace shell is made of 4 mm steel plate, the furnace panel is 12 mm, and the furnace cover panel is δ 40 mm, steel plate welded on the furnace shell. Triangular rib plates are designed at the flanges of the bottom plate and the furnace shell mouth, and 100 channel steel support ribs are designed in the furnace shell to ensure the overall rigidity and tightness of the furnace.

Amorphous Alloy Core Transformer Annealing Oven
3. Furnace bottom: refractory bricks are used for masonry, diatomite insulation bricks are laid on the lower layer of the bottom, light insulation bricks are laid on the middle layer, and heavy bricks are laid on the upper layer, so as to facilitate the load-bearing of workpieces, loading and unloading of workpieces and increase the tightness.
4. Furnace body: it adopts full refractory fiber structure and has excellent energy-saving performance. Compared with the brick resistance furnace of the same specification, it can save about 30% energy and double the heating rate. Temperature resistance grade of refractory fiber ≤ 1100 ºC. The service life is much longer than that of brick furnace. Fiber material parameters: the fiber is compressed into prefabricated blocks, and the service temperature of the fiber is about 1300 ºC. It is used for a long time under the process conditions. The linear shrinkage rate is less than 6%, the content of Al203 in the material is 45-50%, Al203 + Si02 is greater than 96%, the normal bulk density is 110kg / m3, and it is 200-230kg / m3 after compression. (fiber material standard. Thickness: 320mm)
5. Heating element The heating element of electric furnace adopts HRE and is installed on both sides of the furnace, which is firm and reliable thermal insulation non-metallic materials shall be used for installation to prevent inductance and electric heat from being transmitted to the metal skin, resulting in local overheating, etc. It adopts high temperature and high emissivity electrothermal alloy flat belt, low surface load (1.4W / cm2) and long service life design. The resistance belt is wound back and forth, and the special high-temperature corundum ceramic pendant is hung on the inner surface of the furnace and arranged around the furnace.
Amorphous Alloy Core Transformer Annealing Oven
6. Fan The special vacuum water-cooled sealing fan (anti-corrosion motor) is adopted, and the fan blade is integrally cast of 2520 heat-resistant steel. After machining, it is subject to dynamic and static balance to ensure the service life of the impeller. Basic parameters of water-cooled seal fan: power 2.2kw, blade diameter: φ 400, air volume: 4900m3 / H ~ 7000 m3 / h. Explosion proof device, pressure test hole, exhaust hole, pre vacuum hole, nitrogen and vacuum pressure gauge and various water cooling jackets are also designed on the furnace cover.

7. Ma fluorine tank The tank is suspended vertically in the heating room, and it must maintain high temperature strength and high temperature air tightness. The furnace tank is welded by 321 stainless steel. The thickness of the barrel is 12 mm and the thickness of the bottom is 18 mm. The sealing flange on the barrel body is made of 40 mm thick carbon steel plate after machining. There is silica gel seal on the flange, and the water cooling tank below the flange protects the sealing strip to ensure no air leakage during use and achieve vacuum effect. The maximum service temperature can reach 1000 ºC, and has high seismic resistance and oxidation resistance.
Amorphous Alloy Core Transformer Annealing Oven
8. Vacuum system 8.1 it is composed of vacuum pump, vacuum valve, vacuum measuring instrument, pipeline, etc. 8.2 vacuum pump: water ring vacuum pump, X-10 type, 1 set of complete equipment, and 1 pipe union and rubber hose. 8.3 quick cooling in the furnace: it is composed of blower, air inlet valve, cold air dispersed air inlet pipe, hot air dispersed exhaust pipe and plug valve.
Amorphous Alloy Core Transformer Annealing Oven
9 Furnace cover and its lifting

9.1 the furnace cover is composed of water-cooled furnace cover panel, insulation package, water-cooled sealing fan, etc. The furnace cover panel is made of 40
mm carbon steel plate. The panel is equipped with circulating water cooling jacket and reinforcing rib plate to strengthen and cool the furnace cover plate, which can effectively prevent the deformation of the furnace cover plate.

9.2 explosion proof holes, exhaust holes, etc. are set on the furnace cover panel. In the design, it is considered that the furnace gas is not affected and the angle between exhaust holes is greater than 120 ºC. The explosion-proof pipe and exhaust pipe are equipped with circulating water cooling jacket. 9.3. Insulation package The insulation package adopts squirrel cage structure, the insulation material adopts high-temperature and high-purity refractory fiber module, and the insulation package shell is made of 310S heat-resistant steel into a squirrel cage structure to prevent deformation. 9.4 it is composed of furnace cover lifting, crown block crane, etc
10 control system 9-inch touch screen, intelligent temperature control instrument with program section, Zhengjie power and voltage regulating thyristor Delixi low voltage appliance, with overtemperature alarm function. The distribution of electric heating elements is divided into two temperature control zones according to the upper and lower bottom of the furnace, which are distributed in the furnace.
The lead out rod of the electric heating element is locally led out in a centralized way, and a protective shield is set. At the same time, the control cabinet is installed on the 9-inch touch screen, which has the functions of compiling, modifying, deleting, accessing and querying the display process program or process curve, and runs the functions of real-time collection, storage and query, display and download printing of control and alarm data at any time.
Amorphous Alloy Core Transformer Annealing OvenAmorphous Alloy Core Transformer Annealing OvenAmorphous Alloy Core Transformer Annealing OvenAmorphous Alloy Core Transformer Annealing OvenAmorphous Alloy Core Transformer Annealing Oven
Amorphous Alloy Core Transformer Annealing Oven

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