Cantilever Take-up Machine, Cable Making Machine

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Basic Info.

Adaptor Hole Diameter
Applied Cable Diameter Range
Bobbin Weight
Line Speed
Take-up Torque
Max 4600 N.M
Main Parts Bearing
Power Supply
3 Phase 415
Lifting Mode
Electro-Hydraulic Lifting Mode
Transport Package
Wooden Box
HS Code
Production Capacity
100sets Per Year

Product Description

 Alpha 1700 Hydraulic Cantilever Take-up machine with traverse for cable steel drum winding

Product Description
Cantilever Take-up Machine, Cable Making Machine
1700 Hydraulic Cantilever Type Take-up with traverse
The machine adopts double sleeve structure to enhance the bearing capacity of the equipment, Cantilever hydraulic lifting, easy to operate. Using ball screw to traverse wire, suitable for different wire diameter with high precision.
Uses: Stranding extruding and irradiated lines.
Machine Details
Bobbin size
Bobbin Width
Adaptor hole diameter
Applied cable diameter range
Bobbin weight
Line speed:
- 26.52rpm (50HZ) 53rpm (100HZ)
Take-up model:
- 15kw 1500rpm Siemens AC servo motor drive, Speed and tension control can be achieved
Cantilever Take-up Machine, Cable Making Machine
  • Lifting mode: adopt electro-hydraulic lifting mode
  • Bobbin Clamping mode: 400W deceleration motor clamping
  • Take-up model: 15kw 1500rpm Siemens AC servo motor drive, Speed and tension control can be achieved
  • Take-up torque: Max  ~4600 N.m
  • The wire traversing adopts AC servo motor drive, ball screw traversing wire, pitch: 0 ~ 40mm, and sychronization with Take-up.
  • The device contains pneumatic brakes that can be used to brake rapidly during downtime.
  • Siemens S7-1200 PLC control, 7-inch touch screen control wiring traversig, wiring pitch can be set on the touch screen
  • Main parts bearing use NSK
Cantilever Take-up Machine, Cable Making Machine

Technical drawing of the machine
Cantilever Take-up Machine, Cable Making Machine
Related Machine
Cantilever Take-up Machine, Cable Making Machine
Gantry Rail Walk Type Pay-off And Take-up
1.The machine frame adopts high quality rectangular steel tube and steel plate bending welded together. Beam with two large beams connected by structure, perfect appearacne, good rigidity, high strength.
2. Adopt the way of walking beam, the whole cable tray for wiring, implementation of pay-off and take-up.
3. The equipment adopts AC variable frequency motor speed cable, high precision, uniform wiring.
4. PLC programmable controller can be integrated with all kinds of host.
5. Take-up main motor
- Take up main motor adopts DC motor, controller is European series products
- Take up main motor adopts frequency conversion, controller for Siemens
Cable Making Extruder
1.It is Suitable for optical cable outer sheath and core strengthening comprehensive production, can also be used for inner protection layer production
2.PE inner sheath,aluminum-plastic compound belt and PE inner sheath.
3.PE outer sheath,aluminum-plastic compound belt,PE composite outer sheath,steel-  plastic compound belt,PE composite outer sheath.
4.Parallel double steel wire tube bundling type optic-fibet cable.  
Cantilever Take-up Machine, Cable Making Machine
Cantilever Take-up Machine, Cable Making Machine
Cable wire steel wire Puller with Speed regulative machine
1. The whole frame is made of a high-quality steel plate after bending and splicing, and the appearance is novel.
2. The equipment adopts the motor-transmission gearbox, a reduction gearbox, and a hard drive structure of the upper and lower helical gears, a crawler wheel, stable transmission, large carrying capacity and convenient maintenance.
3. The whole series has more than ten specifications of 200kg-15000kg, and there are two kinds of speed regulation structures of Z4 DC motor or variable-frequency motor for users to choose.
4. With the electronic meter, it can display the line speed and meter length in time.
5. It is equipped with a ground shaft transmission structure for users to use in cable, armor, copper tape shielding and winding production lines.

Customer comments

Cantilever Take-up Machine, Cable Making Machine

After Sales Service

Cantilever Take-up Machine, Cable Making Machine
Packaging & Shipping
Cantilever Take-up Machine, Cable Making Machine
Cantilever Take-up Machine, Cable Making Machine

Company Introduction
Cantilever Take-up Machine, Cable Making Machine
We are a collection of scientific research and development and production of wire and cable equipment and a variety of efficient energy-saving extrusion production line of key enterprises, so far, the main product including wire and cable Insulation and Sheathing production Line, TQD series Pneumatic Type belt puller LF series Portal Type Pay-off, LSP series Portal Type Take-up, Various Wire Accumulator, Capstan Haul-off, Pay-off & Take-up, Cooling Water Trough, and Optical Fiber Equipment, Communication Cable Equipment, Signal Cable Equipment.
− Q: Are you the manufacturer or trading company?
A: We are the manufacturer. We have a group of highly qualified engineers and experts, who have been working in the field of OFC equipment for more than ten years.
− Q: What is your company's main production?
A: We specialized in optical fiber and optical cable machine researching and manufacturing. Our products include Optical fiber coloring and rewinding machine series, Optical fiber secondary coating line series, Optical cable stranding line, Optical fiber cable sheathing line series and other optical cable equipment.
− Q: What can we offer our customers?
A: Our professional production and technical personnel can train our customers' employees and ensure the smooth production of customers. And will provide our customers with after-sales service.
− Q: How long is the machine warranty?
A: Warranty period of one year (since the completion of mechanical debugging at the buyer's factory)
− Q: Why do I choose your company?
A: We have more than 10 years of professional experience in the production of cable machinery, providing high-quality, high-security products.
We have an experienced team of skilled workers and engineers.
We can support overseas training engineers.
We can customize the design, to accept the customer's sample design.
We can provide customers with after-sales service.


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