New Type of Black Annealing Furnace for Steel Coil/Cost Effective Equipment

Introducing the cost-effective New Type of Black Annealing Furnace for Steel Coil. Quality equipment from our factory. Buy now for efficient production.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
annealing furnace
Our Annealing Furnace Type
Batch Bell Type, Trolley Type Annealing Furnace
Guarantee Time
1 Year
Transport Package
Nude Packing or as Transport Required
as required
HS Code
Production Capacity
60 Sets Per Year

Product Description

Specifications of A new type of black annealing furnace for coil
The Batch Annealing Furnace for steel strip annealing belongs to batch annealing furnace for carbon steel and stainless steel.

Annealing Furnace
An annealing furnace is a piece of equipment used to heat a material at very high temperatures, to change its hardness and strength properties. Annealing is commonly associated with the manufacture of steel, to relieve internal stresses that may lead to failure in service and to produce a more uniform, or homogeneous, internal structure.

New Type of Black Annealing Furnace for Steel Coil/Cost Effective Equipment

Full hydrogen, high hydrogen and strong circulation bell type bright annealing furnace
It is a kind of heat treatment equipment for recrystallization annealing after rolling ordinary carbon steel, low alloy steel, high-quality steel and copper strip.
Heating mode: burning natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, electric heating, etc;
Protective gas: 100% hydrogen, nitrogen hydrogen mixture (adjustable hydrogen ratio).
Main components: generally, each batch of bell type annealing furnace includes: 1 heating hood, 1 cooling hood, 2 furnace stands, 2 inner hoods, 1 automatic control cabinet and 1 atmosphere pipeline.
Loading method: single stack, in shape of ,and other stacking methods.
Loading capacity: 10-120 tons / furnace.
Natural gas energy consumption for heat treatment of carbon steel: 16-20m3/T, except for special processes.

Trolley type annealing furnace
New Type of Black Annealing Furnace for Steel Coil/Cost Effective Equipment

It is a kind of annealing furnace in which the heat-treatment materials are installed on a walking trolley, and is convenient to enter and exit the furnace body for processing.
Heating mode: natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, electricity, etc;
Structure: furnace body (including heating system, sealing mechanism), furnace door and lifting mechanism, trolley and traction mechanism, annealing tank and base, electric control device. There are two types of single and double trolleys.
Charging capacity: 40 ~ 200 tons.

A new type of black annealing furnace for coil
It is a new type of furnace specially designed for black annealing of coil material developed by our annealing company in combination with the respective characteristics of trolley type annealing furnace and bell type annealing furnace. This type of furnace has been extremely popular since it put into market.
The characteristics of the furnace type are: simple structure, low investment, good sealing performance, good temperature uniformity and low energy consumption.
Applicable heating methods: natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, electricity; and so on.
The usual structural components: two furnace seats, annealing tanks and bases, a heat preservation cover (cover), an automatic control system, and so on.
Charging capacity: 60-200t / furnace.
Natural gas consumption of plain carbon steel during annealing: 16-20m3 / h.
Nitrogen generator and purification equipment

Nitrogen making machine
New Type of Black Annealing Furnace for Steel Coil/Cost Effective Equipment

              Screw air compressor         Gas storage tank  Prefilter               Freeze dryer                   Fine filtration and ultra fine screening 

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