Spring of Steel Cable Drum Roller

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Power Type
Spring Type
Installation Pattern
Vertical Coiling
Coil Length of Cable
Phase Number/Hose Number
4 Phase
Structure Type
Slip Ring Exterior Installed
Matched Cable Model
3*25+1*10 Sq mm
Overhead Crane, Electric Flat Car, Elevator etc..
Driven Types
Spring or Motor Optional
Transport Package
Standard Export Package
ISO9001: 2008
HS Code
Production Capacity
100 Sets Per Month

Product Description

Spring of Steel Cable Drum Roller


JT Series spring type cable reel is a kind of automatic mechanical device which is driven by the spiral springs and using a spring energy storage automatic coiling cable.

There are three different types of product available for the customers:
Slip ring built-in type with compact and pretty contour; Slip ring exterior installed type in convenience of service,over hanging type which can coil up much longer cables.

Structures and Features:

-- Using spiral springs as power without electric energy consumption to keep reliable in operation;
-- Using collector slip ring carbon brush bracket to transfer the electric energy steadily and continuously;
-- Equipped with reversible unit/guide pulley to avoid the reel counter-rotating to break the springs;
-- Power supply easily, safety and reliability in operation.
-- Ways of coiling cable: Mid-feed(with guide pulley) or End-feed.

Overall Dimension Drawing: Spring of Steel Cable Drum Roller

Spring of Steel Cable Drum Roller
Cable Reel Series:
--application for supply power to mobile electrical apparatus such as lifting magnet, all kinds of crane,ect..
Spring of Steel Cable Drum Roller

About Enquiry:

1. Do you have special requirement about the power types?
Spring type / motor powered type
2. What is the cable specification?
Cable core number × Cross section,Cable outer diameter,coil length of cable?
3. What kind of mobile equipment will the cable reel be applied with?
Lifting electromagnet, all kinds of crane or others

Standard Export Package:

(fixed iron frame with five polywoodboard packing to keep safety long-distance transportation; Don't need to be fumigated. )

Quick Response:

--We highly appreciate your any enquiry by email, fax or instant message.
--We will reply your email or fax within 24 hours.
--Please fell free to call us at any time if there is any questions.

Convenient Transportation:

*All available shipping ways could be applied, by courier, air or sea.
*Appointed shipping company or our own forwarders all could be used in shipment.
*Full-way tracking the cargos for you till the goods arrive.
Technical Data
Cable Model Enabled Current(A) (40 centigrade) 15m series Contour item 20m series Contour item 25m series Contour item 30m series Contour item
Core number× Cross section(mm² ) continuously 1 min. on; 1 min. Off
YC2× 6 40 50         JTA50-25-2-II 1    
YC2× 10 58 75 JTA75-15-2-II 1 JTA75-20-2-II 1 JTA75-25-2-II 2 JTA75-30-2-II 7
JTB75-15-2-II JTB75-20-2-II JTB75-25-2-II JTB75-30-2-II
YC2× 16 77 100 JTA100-15-2-II 1 JTA100-20-2-II 2 JTA100-25-2-II 2 JTA100-30-2-II 7
JTB100-15-2-II JTB100-20-2-II JTB100-25-2-II JTB100-30-2-II
YC2× 25 106 135 JTA135-15-2-II 2 JTA135-20-2-II 2 JTA135-25-2-II 3 JTA135-30-2-II 9
JTB135-15-2-II JTB135-20-2-II JTB135-25-2-II JTB135-30-2-II
YC2× 35 132 170 JTA170-15-2-II 2 JTA170-20-2-II 3 JTA170-25-2-II 4    
JTB170-15-2-II JTB170-20-2-II JTB170-25-2-II    
YC3× 6+1× 4 35 50 JTA50-15-4-II 1 JTA50-20-4-II 1 JTA50-25-4-II 2 JTA50-30-4-II 6
JTB50-15-4-II JTB50-20-4-II JTB50-25-4-II JTB50-30-4-II
JTC50-15-4-II JTC50-20-4-II JTC50-25-4-II 1 JTC50-30-4-II
JTD50-15-4-II JTD50-20-4-II JTD50-25-4-II JTD50-30-4-II
JTE50-15-4-II     JTE50-25-4-II 2 JTE50-30-4-II 7
JTF50-15-4-II     JTF50-25-4-II JTF50-30-4-II
YC3× 10+1× 6 50 65 JTA65-15-4-II 1 JTA65-20-4-II 2 JTA65-25-4-II 2 JTA65-30-4-II 7
JTB65-15-4-II JTB65-20-4-II JTB65-25-4-II JTB65-30-4-II
JTC65-15-4-II JTC65-20-4-II 1 JTC65-25-4-II 1 JTC65-30-4-II 6
JTD65-15-4-II JTD65-20-4-II JTD65-25-4-II JTD65-30-4-II
JTE65-15-4-II 2 JTE65-20-4-II 2 JTE65-25-4-II 3 JTE65-30-4-II 8
JTF65-15-4-II JTF65-20-4-II JTF65-25-4-II JTF65-30-4-II
YC3× 16+1× 6 66 85 JTA85-15-4-II 2 JTA85-20-4-II 2 JTA85-25-4-II 3 JTA85-30-4-II 8
JTB85-15-4-II JTB85-20-4-II JTB85-25-4-II JTB85-30-4-II
JTC85-15-4-II 1 JTC85-20-4-II 1 JTC85-25-4-II 2 JTC85-30-4-II 7
JTD85-15-4-II JTD85-20-4-II JTD85-25-4-II JTD85-30-4-II 6
JTE85-15-4-II 2 JTE85-20-4-II 2 JTE85-25-4-II 4    
JTF85-15-4-II JTF85-20-4-II 3 JTF85-25-4-II    
YC3× 25+1× 10 91 120 JTA120-15-4-II 2 JTA120-20-4-II 3 JTA120-25-4-II 4    
JTB120-15-4-II JTB120-20-4-II JTB120-25-4-II    
JTC120-15-4-II JTC120-20-4-II 2 JTC120-25-4-II 2 JTC120-30-4-II 7
JTD120-15-4-II JTD120-20-4-II JTD120-25-4-II JTD120-30-4-II
JTE120-15-4-II 3            
CRHF10× 2.5 12 20 JTA20-15-8-II 4 JTA20-20-8-II 5 JTA20-25-8-II 5 JTA20-30-8-II 10
JTB20-15-8-II JTB20-20-8-II JTB20-25-8-II JTB20-30-8-II
JTC20-15-8-II JTC20-20-8-II JTC20-25-8-II JTC20-30-8-II 11
JTD20-15-8-II JTD20-20-8-II JTD20-25-8-II JTD20-30-8-II
JTE20-15-8-II 5 JTE20-20-8-II        
JTF20-15-8-II JTF20-20-8-II        

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